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30-year olds’ appraise Anambra @ 30



In celebration of Anambra’s 50 years anniversary, NKECHI IKENWOKE got the views of some people who clocked 30 years on the state at 30. Excerpts:

It has accommodated both private, public ventures – Obiekezie


IT WAS specifically on the 29th day of August 1991, that General Ibrahim Babangida created Anambra state from the Old Anambra. Anyone, who has meticulously journeyed in Anambra State for the past 30 years, will have considerable opinion to assert on the life of this state in the past three decades. This opinion and sentiment will greatly be hinged on the achievements and challenges, including prospective objetives of the state.  It is pertinent to commend and as well, congratulate the state on giant developmental strides that have graced it in all spheres of her life.

  The eye-catchy infrastructural developments that cut across the state include the construction of roads, flyovers, and most recently, the state’s passenger and cargo airport at Umueri. Also, the past years have witnessed sustainable growth in the areas of education, health and civil service sector. As one who had his primary, secondary and tertiary education in Anambra, it is interesting to witness that the dilapidated buildings, disorganised curriculum, frequent embezzlement in all tiers of the social institutions, mediocre recruitments that threatened the growth of educational system in the state have equally been greatly salvaged and positioned for sustainability, increases in allotments and creation of more public and private schools.

  The Health sector has also been greatly modified as public health systems are now in good working conditions in comparison to the past years. As one of the economically fastest growing states, it has indeed accommodated both private and public investors and firms aimed at improving the state’s economy and salvaging the challenge of unemployment among youths that has substituted to crimes, cultism, insecurities and various economy related challenges.

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  An aphorism clearly remains that “no nation at any level of her development is without some underlying challenges”. This is applicable to Anambra. Some of the pertinent challenges that have continued to linger and drag the nation to the mud amidst this giant strides include maintenance and continuity challenges. Various political changes have brought diverse attention to various spheres of the state. Notably, and on a facet, this diverse attention has led to commendable infrastructural development.

  Moreover, for the past 30 years, Anambra is known to be proactive in dealing with insecurity crises as done in the past and needs to be employed strategically to ounce the impending challenges. As regards to unemployment, Anambra is one of the fastest rising states economically and has done absolutely well to minimise greatly the challenge of unemployment.

In other words, efforts should be made to totally emancipate this remaining unemployment figure and reposition the state in its stride of development to totally annul its produce of cultists, armed-robbers, cyber-scammers and lots more who are bent on destroying the integrity of the state.The above remain some of the core challenges in addition to others that continue to hinder and damage the goals and objectives of the state.

  If all the mentioned challenges above are duly considered and addressed, there is no doubt the state will continue to be the ‘Light of the Nation’.

  We dream of Anambra where all roads connecting every nook and cranny of the state are in good shape and utterly maintained; the educational and health sectors given proper allocation and utilised effectively for the benefit of the populace; a fertile and enabling environment for local and international investors; a state flourishing peace and serenity with improved security, excellent economy, and zero or minute unemployment figure. Agriculture and technology remains the leading hub for state and national development and should be given due attention.

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  Industries and technological hubs should be built as these are the future of the nations and states. Small scale business should be given boost through loans and grant as they contribute immensely to the economy of the state.  Summarily, with all hands on deck, there is no obstacle that will hinder the state from achieving its quest contained in her motto.

Chisom Obiekezie is in Abuja)

Still visible road challenges – Chimezie


ANAMBRA has always been a great state since my childhood. Since the creation of the state, some governors who ruled the state have done well towards development in their own capacities and that is why Anambra is still one of the greatest states in Nigeria.

  There have been a lot of developments since it was created. I am very much sure that the way Anambra is today is not the same way it was when it was created. Regardless of this, I am of the opinion that the infrastructural developments are yet not enough for the benefit of the indegenes as well as others who reside in the state.

  Some roads in Anambra State are in shambles. Let there be construction of the state roads in different local governments areas including urban and rural areas. This will limit a lot of accidents happening on daily basis due to bad roads.

  The government should also do everything possible to cover most of the big gutters in Onitsha. This is because, in every rainy season, many drivers and road users that are not conversant with Onitsha routes fall into those gutters which most of the time leads to death of the victims. They should build pedestrian walk ways, more traffic lights, put up speed limit signs and other measures to slow vehicles down before every bend.

  As regards to water, I have never for once enjoyed water from the  government before. I do not know about rural areas but I know there is no water in Awka GRA. The challenges also include power supply (Electricity) and commercial services from government.

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  We have more individually owned hotels in the state instead of state owned industries and companies. If we have more industries in Anambra State, it will decrease the rate of unemployment in the state.

  Above all, I must commend the government of Anambra State for constant provision of security in the state. But in recent times, Onitsha and some other rural areas are no longer safe due to bad boys and hoodlums. I call on the state government to equip the local vigilante groups with the necessary equipments to protect our people in both urban and rural areas.

  Of course, no one enjoys suffering. In the next 30 years, I expect Anambra state to be more secured, more beautiful with lots of industries to boost the state economy compared to Dubai.

Obichukwu Stanislaus Chimezie is a courier service agent

Good industrial layouts can be established – Chioma Igwilo


BEING a highly commercial state, security in Anambra state in times has been good. Again, there is less violence during elections.

  APGA has ruled for about 16 years now and brought about the first Passenger and Cargo Airport at Umueri in Anambra State.

  Good industrial layout can be established to boost the state, create adequate facilitaties in the health sector as well as the academic sector even as the academic remains a top notch in the state.

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