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Vehicles with tinted glasses still prohibited in Anambra – Adinuba



ANAMBRA State Government has reminded the people of the state as well as travellers passing through the state that the use of vehicles with tinted glasses is prohibited except those permitted by law enforcement agents.

  A statement from the state’s Commissioner for Information  and Public Enlightenment, C.Don Adinuba, stated that those using such vehicles are required to wind down all their glasses at each security checkpoint so that security officers on duty can see the persons in the vehicles very well.

“It is necessary to wind down all glasses because almost all the attacks in recent times on security officers discharging their legitimate duties in Anambra State  have been carried out by criminals in vehicles with darkened glasses. The glasses help to hide criminals, their weapons and ammunition.

  “In the same manner, motorists travelling at night are advised to put on all their inner lights once they approach a chechpoint. Law-abiding citizens

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