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Anambra politicians should stop wasting money on unnecesary litigations – Fr. Obimma



FOLLOWING seemingly unending litigations in various courts in the country by politicians in Anambra State, the Spiritual Director of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Emmanuel Obimma has called on politicians in the state to channel their resources on things that would uplift the living standard of the people.

  Rev. Fr. Obimma, who is also the Parish Priest, Blessed Iwene Tansi Parish, Umudioka,  said he was totally worried at the  of litigation going on at various courts in the country and noted the rate of decay of infrastructural facilities and urged politicians to stop wasting such money on lawyers.

  The spiritual director, who spoke on the solemnisation of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary in a homily during Eucharistic Celebration, urged Christians to focus more on things that will give joy to the people

  “I am worried at the rate by which politicians are desperate to grab power at all cost.

  His words: “Political parties and politicians in Anambra State governorship elections have spent several millions of naira in courts for mere intra-party conflict that could be settled internally whereas majority of the youths still roam the street without jobs”.

  “In the build up to the election, a lot of confusions are springing up in desperate rate to grab power at all costs”, he said.

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