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Over 1.4m Nigerians vaccinated against COVID-19



AMID the third wave of COVID-19 infections, only 1,416,623 Nigerians have been fully vaccinated against the deadly virus.

  Experts say this figure represents 0.9 per cent of the country’s population whereas a nation must vaccinate 70 per cent of its population to achieve herd immunity.

  As of 9.30pm on Friday, the total number of doses administered in Nigeria stood at 3,967,013, while the population of those who had received at least one dose of the vaccine was 2,550,390, representing 1.2 per cent of the country. Of that number, the population of fully vaccinated Nigerians was 1,416,623 (0.69 per cent).

  A post on World Health Organisation (WHO)’s website said this puts Nigeria behind 157 countries around the world in the rate of vaccination against the deadly virus despite 4,620,035,352 vaccines having been administered, while 1,257,545,210 (16.2 per cent) people were fully vaccinated.

  The 10 top countries in vaccination chart are Malta (81.3 per cent), Maldives (78.2 per cent), United Arab Emirates (73.7 per cent), Seychelles (70.2 per cent), Iceland (70.1 per cent), Singapore (70 per cent), Bahrain (69.2 per cent), San Marino (68.2 per cent), Chile (67.5 per cent), Uruguay (67.4 per cent), and Qatar (67.4 per cent).

  Ethiopia is first Africa with 2,302,496 vaccinated while Egypt administered 5,750,549 doses. Ghana had given 1,271,393 doses in total, with 865,422 (2.9 per cent) of its people having received at least one dose and 405,971 (1.3 per cent) fully vaccinated. South Africa, with a population of 59,308,690, had administered 9,185,756 doses, and 7,249,045 (12.3 per cent), who had got at least one dose, including 3,958,231 (6.7 per cent) fully vaccinated.

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