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Fanfare as in-laws, friends bid farewell to Pa Nwaedozie in Nando



THERE  was huge turn-out of the masses at the funeral ceremony of the late Chief Iwuno Ofomba Nwaedozie, also known as ‘Mmilina Okpobili’ in his home town, Nando, in Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State.

 The ceremony was graced by in-laws, family members, friends and well-wishers to give him a befitting burial with lots of cultural displays, masquerades, among others as the culture demands.

  Chief Nwaedozie, who died at 99, was described as a man of peace, truth, love, trust worthy, kindhearted and so on by friends and relations.

  Speaking during the event, a friend of the deceased, Chief Onyeka Akubeze said Nwaedozie lived a life worthy of emulation which attracted God’s grace for his long life on earth before his death and described the funeral as a celebration of life, adding that even when being confronted for peace resolution, he stood by the truth.

  In his words, “despite the heavy rainfall, you can see the turnout of friends and well-wishers. It is a shower of blessings from God. I came to commiserate with his family just as their father was my very good friend for more than 25 years. He was a father to many”

Son of the deceased, Chief Fidelis Ofomba, popularly known as ‘Igwe Alusi Ndi Isi Ojii,’ expressed his gratitude to the masses for their love and support, noting that their presence brought him joy .

  “My father was known as Mmili. Today, just as his name implies, we had a rainy day. You can see how people have gathered to bid him farewell and showed their last respect to him, including in-laws, friends and well-wishers.   I feel overwhelmed by their support. I also pray that God will grant them journey mercies back to their various destinations,” he said.

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  In an interview, one of the friends to the son of the deceased, Micheal Obiegbunam said he grew up with Fidelis, and attended the same school both primary and secondary, adding that since their friendship from childhood, they have been very good to each other.

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