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Who’ld not be happy to associate with Obiano? – Nwosu



Comrade Peter Nwosu is the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Governor Obiano on NUPENG, Petroleum and Town Union Matters. In this interview with CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA, IYKE OKPANKU, CHIZOBA NJAKA and STANLEY NWAKO, he described the governor as a trustworthy man who takes responsibility of things concerning ndi Anambra and as the best dressed governor in the country. Excerpts:

WHAT do you have to say about the person of Obiano?

  I thank God for the gift he gave to us and also for His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano. I am so happy having him as the governor of Anambra State. He touched all the sectors. He is trustworthy; someone that owns up to any responsibility that concerns ndi Anambra, most especially the petroleum marketers in Anambra State which is where I represent.

They’re very happy and see it as an honour to associate with him. Even this coming election, they will support him massively because of the good work he has done in oil sector. Also, he donated a petroleum tanker park for them.  Oil marketers in Anambra State appreciate him for all he has done for them. By the grace of God and the support of the governor- because if he had not supported us, I don’t think we will achieve our goal. Since I started this job, the issue of tanker falling and burning properties is now a thing of the past and I wish him happy birthday.

  What about his styles and leadership approach to issues?

  The governor is equal to the task; he is someone that at any point in time you call upon him, he will answer and he knows how to handle issues.

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  How do you rate his code of dressing?

  Everybody has his or her style but his own is special and fits him so much. Among all the governors in Nigeria, I don’t think there is any governor that dresses very well (with swag) and he makes Ndi Anambra proud.

  How do you think other people in the state rate him?

  Most importantly, I know that even in the family, you can’t say everybody like the father but I know almost all the ndi Anambra like him because of his good work.

  How will you describe his achievements so far?

  He touched all the sectors in Anambra State, which ndi Anambra are very happy about. Even though we have some Judases among us, by my own count, he did about 90% good works.

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