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Obiano, religiously tolerant, friendly governor – Monsuru



Ibrahim Monsuru, Financial Secretary, Yoruba Muslim Community in Awka, spoke to NKIRUKA EZEDINUGWU

WE GIVE thanks to Almighty Allah for choosing him as a leader who understands the feelings of the people he is meant to oversee. He is one of those that people should try to emulate in some aspects. He is a dedicated, promise-fulfilling leader. Most importantly, Obiano is a tribal and religious friendly-governor. As a non-indigene and non-christian resident in Anambra, I acknowledge him as the number  one governor who believes that everyone that finds him or herself in Anambra are all under his umbrella and their protection is his number one agenda.

  In his relationship with our community, he is still rated as the best governor so far, because he is the first governor that has called all Muslim leaders, gave them awards for peace keeping in Anambra State. This shows that he recognises us even though we are not of the same faith and tribe with him.

  Again, when our mosque was being attacked by land draggers, the governor, through the office of the Commissioner for Information rose to the occasion and calmed the situation, which might have escalated to religious crisis in Anambra state.

  Also, all our Sallah Festivals have been recognised by him. Sometimes, he gives us items such as bags of rice and other things, to make us feel happy during the festivals.

  As regards people’s rating of him, no one is perfect. Even God of all creation cannot please everyone let alone human beings. One thing I know is that he has a good heart and he has the best interest of the people of Anambra at heart and to me, that is what matters most. So in my own opinion and that of some people I know, he gets 80% in terms of delivery. If his successor will emulate and fit into the big shoes he will be leaving behind, I think Anambra will become the true light of Anambra dreams.

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  I also applaud his dress sense because whenever and wherever one sees him, one cannot make mistake of his tribe. His dress sense always describe him and makes him stand out.

  So as he is celebrating his birthday, I, on behalf of the Yoruba Muslim community in Awka wish him a happy birthday, and we pray that Allah, in his infinite mercy grant him many more successful years and also the wisdom to finish well. We wish him well

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