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‘Obiano, diligent in provision of infrastructure, security’



Chief Charles Nnanwube, deputy president-general, Amanuke town union spoke to NKIRUKA EZEDINUGWU on Gov Obiano’s birthday

FROM the much I know of him, His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano is indeed a good man with a good heart. So far, so good, he has been doing well. We are thankful to the Almighty God for his life and his new age.

  He had been diligent in the areas of salary payment, and in the area of infrastructure, he is not doing badly. In fact, speaking from the grassroots level, I will say that he has given a positive touch to all sectors of the economy. I will also rate him high in the area of security, even though, some people might have a different opinion about this, but I know that he is actually doing well in the area of security.

Then, talking about his leadership style, I will say that the state has fared well under him. But then, he has been too lenient with issues and people, and so many people are taking advantage of his leniency. His inability to change or overhaul his cabinets once in a while  to me is not a good leadership style. working with the same people with the same ideas and mindset for getting to 8 years is not good for governance because this will automatically give room for corruption plus the fact that there are other vibrant people out there who would have brought in better ideas to the table.

  Again, he is expected to have done something about local government election which will bring in the chairmen of various local governments. The caretaker committee have indeed stayed long enough. I think that election is overdue by now. I think the governor is He should also do something about some of the rural roads that he started  that were not completed. I believe that the completion of such roads will make people in the grassroots to have more faith in APGA.  In all, I am wishing him a happy birthday, more life and more wisdom as he is trying his best to bring peace in APGA, because that will be the best legacy he will leave behind.

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