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Obiano cherishes, promotes culture – Nworah



Uche Nworah, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) spoke to CHINWENDU UZOATU on Gov. Obiano’s love of culture

YOU are a passionate promoter of Igbo culture and tradition, judging from some of the cultural events you have organised or participated in. As a cultural activist who has been in this state since the last seven years of Obiano’s administration, what can you tell us about cultural promotion under Governor Obiano?

  Culture is the people’s identity such as food, dressing, songs and many other things concerning the people’s way of life. Prior to taking over the governorship seat of Anambra State, Governor Obiano is a huge promoter of culture. Attesting to this, his town, Aguleri, bestowed on him the chieftaincy title,  “Akpokuodike”.

This elaborates how much he cherishes and promotes culture. On becoming the governor, he has never relented in promoting the culture and attributes of Igbo people. The Ministry of Culture in Anambra State celebrates annually, some Igbo festivals like New yam Festival, masquerades, etc. These activities are supported and promoted by our own amiable governor.

He always supports us over here at Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS) during our New Yam Festival celebrations ever since he became the governor of the state. He maintained the culture of dressing in traditional wears every Wednesday, in the state. This is a major milestone in promoting and sustaining the Igbo culture for the future.

   What are your wishes to Governor Obiano as he marks his last birthday as a governor?

  Firstly, I will like to appreciate him for giving me an opportunity to serve Anambra State. He shall always be prosperous. God shall grant his earnest heart desires. We, his followers will always support him. It shall be well with him.

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  Your advice to his incoming successor with regards to promotion of culture and tradition of ndi  Igbo?

  All I want is the welfare of Anambra State. He has to emulate Governor Obiano in terms of promoting culture and I pray God gives him the wisdom to take up his work. Obiano promoted conference centre,    and repaired roads. He also advocated for the constant promotion of Igbo language. It will be ideal if he emulates and works like that.

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