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Monarch, Isuofia people fete Soludo



IT WAS apparent from his tone of voice and mien that Igwe  C. A. O.Muoghalu, a retired colonel and the Isu 11 n’  Isuofia is very proud of his globally celebrated subject Cee Cee Soludo when we paid him a courtesy visit ,January 1,  2021, as part of the activities that culminated in the inauguration of Soludo Promoters Forum, Isuofia Chapter.

 The sleek and amiable monarch with an impressive gait made it clear that Soludo is somebody you cannot ignore whether you like or hate him because of the values he brings to the table.  He went further to gleefully regale us with Soludo’ s international and local exploits which have brought enormous goodwill to his community.

  It therefore comes as no surprise that a grateful Muoghalu and his subjects from the six villages – Umueze, Ozalla, Isiaku, Okpoko, Akulu and Ezioka will on August 14, 2021, confer a chieftaincy title in recognition of the goodwill Soludo has brought to the community and the numerous socio-economic development he has ignited. The people of Isuofia are looking forward to the event which also marks their New Yam Festival. Ndi Anambra also can’t wait.

  Long before blowing into international and national prominence, Soludo eloquently proved that the morning tells the day. Even without the proverbial silver spoon, he started early in life to support others to find their feet through his endowments. He offered extramural lessons for secondary school students of his community during long vacations plus counseling them on career opportunities.

  Later as university lecturer, he played crucial roles in generating awareness for the importance of education in his community and raising funds for bright and indigent students. He was reported to be one of the highest donors to the fund. The result is that today, Isuofia has a plethora of professionals in virtually all fields of human endeavours.

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  One remarkable thing about Soludo is that he has remained a true son of Isuofia notwithstanding his international undertakings. He attends his village age grade and other meetings where he and others continue to enrich the quality of the conversations.

He proudly serves as the patron of one of the younger age groups who hold him in high respect and consideration.

  Obviously, Soludo’ s  name will be written in gold for the role he played in restoring  peace to Isuofia  after  22 years of internal crisis.

 The astute way and manner he deployed in broking the truce has now become a template for other communities having internal crisis to copy in search of resolutions. It is important to stress that Isuofia’ s crisis predated his years in public service.

  While the Isuofia people greatly appreciate his social investment programmes in improving the quality of lives in their community in health, education and human empowerment, Soludo has in humility and good conscience, remained taciturn in blowing his trumpet. But we can bet that  appreciative Muoghalu and his subjects from the six villages will on August 14, 2021, let the cat out of the bag by showing and telling Soludo’ s philanthropic undertakings. Like a gold fish in a glass bow, he can no longer hide or can he?

 Anatune writes from Awa.

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