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Many reasons Anambra families won’t forget Ebelechukwu Obiano



“ WHEREEVER and whenever life is touched, government has succeeded.” That is the mission and vision of the wife of the governor of Anambra State, Dr. Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano ( Osodieme), whose humanitarian gestures and philanthropy have liberated many households from melancholy to ecstasy through her non-governmental organisation called Caring Family Enhancement Initiative ( CAFÉ).

  Through CAFE, Ebelechukwu Obiano has provided befitting shelter for the homeless, social security for the defenceless, financial aid for the penniless, medical care for the poorest of the poor, financial empowerment and skill acquisitions for many, as well as a host of other life-changing interventions she has undertaken for the sake of humanity.

  Truly, Osodieme has given to charity and Anambra families and all those who have benefitted from her benevolence from far and near will eternally be grateful to her because a friend in need is a friend indeed. Ebelechukwu Obiano has been a friend and she has indeed provided for the needy and the have-not in the society.

  Since 2014, Osodieme has proven herself to be the Mother Theresa that she really is; exhibiting an uncommon and unusual generosity especially in defense of women and children as evident in the theme of the 2021 Mothers’ Summit, ‘Fighting Gender Violence In A COVID-19 World.’

  Her routine tour of all the communities in the 21 local government areas of the state has enabled her to identify first hand those who are really barely surviving and living in pains. A plethora of occasions exist where Osodieme has demonstrated practical empathy for people who are less fortunate and less privileged.

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  These people are too numerous to mention and her interventions too gigantic to be quantified in monetary terms. Many families are rejoicing today simply because Ebelechukwu Obiano intervened in their situations and wiped away many years of sorrowful tears. Many a person, who have been condemned to death due to one physical deformity or the other regained freedom from ostracism and unwarranted discriminations because Osodieme singlehandedly funded the surgeries and medical operations that restored their personalities back to normal.

  Today, those who were rejected and abandoned by their family members due to one ailment or the other have been reunited with their loved ones because her passion for putting smiles on the faces of people is beyond human comprehension. It is therefore on record that over 5,500 persons have benefitted from her empowerment and skill acquisition programmes. Also in the realm of widow housing, a total of 28 houses have been built and handed over to beneficiaries while over 1800 beneficiaries have received wheelchairs.

   Locations where the widow housing projects were executed were Akwaihedi, Aguleri, Ozubulu, Nnobi, Umunankwo  , Igboukwu, to mention just a few. On the other hand, a total of 22 market toilets have been built also to promote hygiene practices and ensure dignity of women in rural markets. These market toilets are Afor Mbaukwu, Afor Igwe Umudioka, Otuocha Market toilet, Oye Olisa Ogbunike toilet and a host of others. Furthermore, over 100 beneficiaries received cleft lip and palate surgeries and more than 2,255 persons received prosthetics.

  The mentally challenged were not left out in her service to humanity as over 142 insane persons were treated, rehabilitated and reintegrated back to the society while a 65 year old woman lost and presumed dead for 35 years was discovered, treated and reunited with her family. Osodieme equally provided portable water for Anambra families. These water projects were executed at Omasi-Uno, Ogbeagu Eziagulu Aguleri, Amatutu Agulu, Ebenato Amichi and some other places across Anambra State.

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  Her organization, Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFE) is said to be a beacon of sustainable empowerment for women, indigent widows, the physically challenged and the less privileged in the society. Indeed, Anambra families have many reasons Dr. Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano Osodieme will forever remain evergreen and indelible in their hearts because she provided the basic necessities of life for the downtrodden and the needy.

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