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His approach to issues, wonderful – Nwobu



Emma Afam Nwobu is the national director, Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship International, Awka Zone. I this interview with EMEKA NNADOZIE, he described the governor as a lover of culture who mets the needs of his people. Excerpts:

WHAT do you have to say about the person of Obiano?

 Governor of Anambra State lives up his beat. When you want to compare him to others, you find out that he has done much for the number of years he has ruled.

  Environmentally, all the cities in the world are experiencing right now the environmental flooding in the highest order and in Anambra too, because of years of plannlessness but in Awka, we are not experiencing such.  That is the proactive nature of the governor; clearing the drains.  When they do that, you may think that nobody is behind it.

The governor gives directives, but being that it was not built by him, but the perennial flood ravaging the major Ziks Avenue in Awka has been arrested. Though, we are still waiting for his tree planting, we commend him  in the areas of infrastructure like the  airport, International Conference Center, stadium, network of roads, etc.

  Industry is another area the governor is writing his name. Agricultural industries are powering in the state. Anambra Rice came into existence in his tenure and the massive agriculture in the state and  his commerce-friendly disposition. His strategy in the area of security is adjudged to be second to none in the whole federation. We would have had serious security problem in our hands. In terms of education, he sustained the tempo of the former Governor Peter Obi. Our people have really done well and are still doing well in national competitions like the JAMB, WAEC, NECO and the likes. Our teachers can favorably compete with other teachers in Nigeria.

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How much do you know him?

  He is a cultural oriented person.  He loves Anambra and Igbo culture. He was made ‘Akpokuodike Aguleri’ on the fact that he is always called out to bail his people in times of trouble. The question of knowing him does not really come in. The important thing is that our people elected him to be our governor and that’s the much I know him, I have not been to him.

What about his leadership approach?

 His approach to issues is wonderful. When things are getting out of hand, you see him rise up to the occasion and solve the problem and that’s what leadership is all about. You lead by example, and that’s what our people call ‘Okaa oburu uzo’.

How do you think others rate him?

  It depends on opinions, I think others are rating him good, because I have interacted with people. Even people from other states when comparing with their own governor, they envy Anambra Stat,. People from other states ask about him as if you are interacting with the governor. He is always paying workers salaries as at when due, paying pensioners and decorating the state with tangible and intangible projects.

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