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He’s a jolly good fellow – Akabogu



Fabian Akabogu is the Managing Director, Freedom Garden, Awka. In this interview with CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA and BLESSING NNABUIFE, explained how Governor Obiano made economic growth his priority by giving entrepreneurs a serene atmosphere to operate, among others while calling for higher achievements. Excerpts:

YOUR business began under Obiano’s era, what is your impression about Obiano’s interest in events and economy of the state?

  Obiano’s interest in events and Ananmbra State’s economic growth is unmatchable. Since His Excellency, Dr. Willie Obiano took the mantle of leadership as the executive governor of Anambra State, he made economic growth his priority by giving entrepreneurs a serene atmosphere to operate. He tried his best in reducing multiple taxation in order to encourage investors to invest in the state. He also introduced youth friendly events that gave Anambra youths sense of belonging. I personally call him a youth friendly governor.

  How do you rate his sense of style?

  Governor Willie Obiano’s leadership style is highly dynamic. In his determination to boost economic activities in the state, he constructed an international cargo and passenger airport in the state.

  In his zeal to secure the lives and properties of ndi Ananmbra, he mounted several security outfits at different strategic areas in the state. In the area of education, he improved the state’s standard of education by employing and engaging the right personnel in that sector. In his efforts to ensure adequate food supply in the state, he gave out loans to farmers and also organised seminars to boost their knowledge and technical knowhow in agriculture. These are just the few I can mention because of time.

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  What is your impression about his social life?

  Well, I usually call him a jolly good fellow. He is not a dictator, he is a true democrat who wants the people around him and ndi Anambra to feel at home and be happy at all times.

  What do you say to him on his birthday?

Many more years, many more achievements, higher grounds, higher achievements

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