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He has good sense of sartorial elegance – Nkala



Dr Azubuike Nkala, former Director Admin, Office of the Deputy Governor, Anambra State spoke to NKIRUKA EZEDINUGWU

TO ME, Chief Dr Willie Obiano is a good and responsible person. He empathises with fellow human beings, especially those who have needs.

  He is a gentleman. I came close to him a number of times and assessed him a good man. In terms of leadership, his appointees exploited his good demeanor to foist objectionable ideas and policies on him, most of which are discrediting his government. In the areas of dressing, Obiano has a good sense of sartorial elegance. Well, I think that ndi Anambra rate him well in the area of development. In my view, people rate him 65 per cent in the realm of development.

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