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He doesn’t look down on anyone – Obodoeze, others



YOUR character, mood of dressing and conduct, as well as attitude towards others tell more about who you are at any level in the society. Chief Willie Maduaburuochukwu Obiano, Governor of Anambra State is not exemption in such category or phenomenon.

  However, as he celebrates this year’s birthday today, some stakeholders stood up to evaluate the kind of person the governor is and amongst them is the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Primary Education, Ijeoma Obodoeze.

  She described Gov. Obiano as a noble man with good gesture, who always show love to everyone without discrimination.” The Governor is somebody who loves associating with everybody; be it poor or rich. I love the way he carries himself without looking down on anyone. He is also humble to the core”.

  Speaking on how she knows the governor, Obodoeze said, “Gov. Obiano, who hails from Aguleri in Anambra East Local Government Area of Nigeria, is responsible and diligent. He always likes appearing different from his fellow persons. His hair style attests to this.It makes him look different from others in any setting. That makes him so unique and attractive to the eye. In fact, he looks nice and sweet in his appearance”.

  Chief Willie Obiano is also somebody who likes handling issues politely than causing havoc. He doesn’t make noise just like other governors or some citizens do. Other ways he approaches matters is through consultation so as not to make mistake and it has been working for him. A good governor, you know must always have his subjects in mind and carries them along in all he does and that is just what Obiano is doing.

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  “Honestly, my evaluation over Gov. Obiano is excellent even though I know others might not have the same view with me. People’s reasoning differs from one another.” Base on this I cannot speak for others. But what I know is that most people might have the same feeling with me while others will not.

  Another stakeholder, Ebele Chinyelugo described Willie Obiano as a kind of politician found in advanced democracies. “He is not dirty in his approach to other politicians. He does not daint opponents’ image.Though I fell that his composure made him seem to care less on some opponents’ criticisms which would have been of great help to modify some errors unassumedly”.

  “I have not met him on one on one basis but my dad once told me that his mother used to buy smoked fish from him and co- traders. This is the much I know about him, apart from the usual media narratives of his person”, she said.

  Speaking on Obiano’s hair style, Chinyelugo noted:”His hair style might be a reflection of his role-model albeit an old school style. For instance, some wear round glasses to model Awolowo, etc. He is seemingly laissez-faire in his approach to issues. He gate-keeps and filters many critical issues; sometimes, to the detriment of the masses. For instance, the closure of AHOCOL Savings and Loans (a state parastatal) due to non-recapitalization of the bank by the state government, and its attendant unemployment effect on the workers who were left to their plight create a shadow of doubt on the governor’s promptness in decision-making.

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  When you come to his dressing appearance, “he dresses well, more than any other governor I ever know. He has a good dress sense”, she added.

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