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Eagle-eyed leader on security frontiers



AMERICAN politician, Mary Carolyn, who goes by the sobriquet, Jodi Rell says: “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”. There is no doubt that the above comment is in sync with the leadership style of Governor Willie Obiano. Every step of the way has been modeled to fit into a democratically, safety conscious environment. Little wonder that Anambra is regarded as the safest state in the country.

  How was he able to achieve this feat in midst of the various insecurities looming the nation? The answer is simplified, community based security system. Anambra is amongst the states in the South East that boasts of community vigilante. From the times of his predecessor who introduced the defunct Bakassi boys to the present hour, the governor has endeared the hearts of citizens by putting their safety at the first gear.

  In support of this, personnel in the civil defence, Okafor (other names withheld) appraised the height of serenity of the state compared to other states he had served. According to him, the people should be glad to have a leader with foresight. In his words, “Obiano is a keen to the welfare and safety of his citizens.

  As an officer in the field, I have experienced and served in several states of the federation. Hence, I can boldly tell you that, this state is very blessed to experience such tranquility in the midst of various security breaches. “

  Okafor’s commendation is highly supported by another resident in the state capital, Chizoba Onuorah, a staff of Cravings Lounge, an eatery in one of the suburbs in the state. Onuorah, who lives at Kwata area of the city stressed that the installation of street lights has helped residents a lot. He said that earlier, residents, including himself had fallen victim of robbery and roadside thefts that thrived due to the darkness that cover up in late evenings.

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  “I usually close late due to the kind of work I do. Due to these, I have fallen victim to petty thieves who robbed me of my Android phones umpteenth times. But thank goodness for these street lights. They help to give direction to innocent citizens and also scare away bad eggs. “

  The lighting of the streets also improved good and nice night life. For example, the popular Club Road, formerly Abakaliki Road, has been dubbed the entertainment hub of the capital. This feat has also boosted tourist attraction, thereby improving the GDP of Anambra State. No doubt, the focused and visionary style of leadership of Obiano is encompassed with several accolades in these aspects. The drums of private-public partnership in ensuring maximum entertainment and tourism has led to the increase of visits to such places such as Rojenny Resort, located at Oba, Awka Wonderland, at the state capital, Agulu Lake and the popular Ogbunike Cave that has served for locations in most box office Nollywood epic films.

  Gov. Obiano has played the strings of quality and eagle-eyed leadership that is exceptional and beneficial to the people of Anambra both at home and in the diaspora.

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