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Anambra trains healthcare workers on health funding information



ANAMBRA State Health Insurance Agency (ASHIA) has commenced training exercise for all accredited primary healthcare workers across the 21 local government areas of the state on use of Basic Healthcare Provision Fund (BHCPF) register. 

  The training, which commenced on Monday, was held for all the officers-in-charge of all BHCPF-accredited primary healthcare in all 21 LGAs in the state. 

  Addressing the OICs at the PHC in Abagana, Njikoka LG Headquarters, the Executive Secretary, Anambra State Health Insurance Agency (ASHIA), Dr Simeon Onyemaechi said that the training was being carried out to prepare the workers on use of the BHCPF register which was to be given to them at the end of the exercise. 

 “Sequel the successful registration of 28,246 poor and vulnerable ndi Anambra into the National Basic Healthcare Provision Fund, the state government commenced full implementation of the programme since April 1, across the state. 

  “The training is to guide you on how to successfully fill out the BHCPF register, which will be given to you; the register contains the details of the BHCPF enrollees. 

  “The care has been given to them in your facility, which you are required to fill out correctly to enable us to collate our data.” 

  Onyemaechi said that all the BHCPF beneficiaries, who were receiving medical services free of charge in the various PHCs needed to be accounted for, stating that the data collated would be sent to the NHIS headquarters, Abuja. 

  “I will be glad if you take this training seriously because you will make our job easier if these registers are correctly filled; the federal government will only keep funding the BHCPF if they see what we are doing with the money.  

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  “So, I urge you to adhere to all the instructions and guidelines, which will be given to you during the course of this training.” 

  The executive secretary said that Anambra was one of the first seven states in the country that paid its counterpart funding for the poor and vulnerable which made ndi Anambra eligible to benefit from the scheme, which he said was geared toward achieving Universal Health Coverage.

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