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‘IN LINE’ portrays society appetite for love, power



WHAT would you do if you find yourself in a position of dilemma? Such is the story of the character of the protagonist played by legendary Uzor Arukwe. Convicted of murder, and serving a jail term, Debo Devi finally gets his freedom from behind bars.

Returning home, he finds means to reshape his life and reunite with his family. Kate (Adesua Etomi-Wellington) plays a vital role as a wife and business partner.

However, Devi feels suspicions of betrayal and mistrust on his wife. Fuelled by the quest to balance his private life and business, he invites an old friend who is a private investigator played by another eccentric actor, Chris Attoh. His job is defined; find out if his wife is cheating on him. discover the mole in his business and extradite such. But what is supposed to be a normal job turns to be a triangle of love and money.

The cinematography of this movie is absolutely excellent. In fact, as the beginning parts of the story dragged, you see the shots, appreciating the lighting, the camera angles, the staging. It was all quite professional and to top it all is the touch of the underscore. The music was beautifully integrated. It lets up when it needed to and “crescendoed” appropriately without falling into that usual style where the music predicts the story for the viewers.

The performances were excellent likewise. What a beautiful delivery of lines with appropriate voice modulation and accent depicting work and environment. From the main character, Devi to his wife, Kate and further to David and others like Sika. Their performances are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. You find out that these actors weren’t only depending on lines or sound to deliver but doing what they know how to do well.

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The movie depicts the struggles of normal country man who faces the need to uphold his rights to live and provision of basic social and emotional needs.

In Line is a direction by Tope Oshin and produced by Joy Aiyegbani Grant and runs for 114mins. This is a depiction of action and intelligence. Definitely, the Nigeria movie industry has improved a lot to boast the economy of the industry.

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