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Anambra doesn’t deserve relapse to devious political times



NOBODY will deliberately go for the water used in washing pepper when cleaning his face and expect to have his eyes clear, after except, one should assume, some fellows in the ilks that are tormenting the people of Anambra currently and robbing them of peace.

Ahead of  the November 6, 2021 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, some persons appear to be doing just the Russian Rhoullet with their social legacies and political future without imagining the folly therein. A shenanigan of deviant and defiant pupeteers are keenly engaged in some dicey dickies to tumble things in which many would acknowledge, have discovered and set on her path to growth, after a tortuous and challenging past marked by devious godfathers’ manipulated politics.

The new goons, propped to be more pranky and damning than the ones the Anambra people rejected, one and half decades ago and ensued socio-political sanity and infrastructural development in the land, are doing everything now to establish that they are more dastardly and brazen. They are deliberately throwing every spanner they can find into the works. Curiously, they seem to be expecting resolution of whatever they deemed knotty in a manner that will be favourable to them.

Surprisingly, they seem not bothered about how their acts will affect the state yet they reportedly, nurse genuine ambitions to rule the people of Anambra.

Shockingly too, irrespective of their apparent huge capacity for orchestrated political antics, their faculties for meditative decorum are yet to be made manifest hence, their failure to pause and ponder just a bit of the possible consequences of their current activities in future, now that they have some windows of opportunity for that.

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Ever since the major political parties scheduled to participate in the November 6 poll began to hold their primary congresses for selection of their gubernatorial candidates, last month, some desperate political operators have turned Anambra to a furnace. Working, obviously, in accord with some eager-to-ball courts and electoral authorities, they procured all manner of mind-boggling judgments and issued jolting public announcements that rob Anambra people of sleep.

Events in the leading political parties, from the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to the two biggest opposition parties, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC)  since the primaries have been marked by inexplicable trumped-up bickers over one position or even that are magnified to combustive magnitude. Lawyers and activists with eyes and minds on the pay day turn the storms in tea cup into tempests, and Anambra people now pass their nights with tremor in their matrasses and live their days with quakes in their heartbeats.

Stubbornly, the political mischief makers who plot all these have been going on and on to throw up bubbles, unfazed by anything but intent on the lacquer and the Faustian bargain from them as if they had sworn an oath to punish ndi Anambra because their state has a gubernatorial election.

When vital facts that distinguish Anambra state as the pride of ndi Igbo and cynosure for economic growth and development since the people liberated themselves from the claws and talons of Abuja-puppet godfathers who hitherto held it down are considered the danger of the doom possible if the dare-devils return becomes clearer. Anambra is the only state being ruled by APGA, the sole political party of Igbo interest in Nigeria.

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Through a unique, people-oriented politics and development paradigm since 2006, the state has recorded immense leaps in social structure and become a place of reckon and pride among Nigeria’s comity of states. Anambra has so grown from the rubbles the godfathers left it in that none of the three economic downturns Nigeria and most of the world faced in the past 13 years affected it.

Even amid the harshest bite of economic challenges in Nigeria, including the worst downturns of the COVID-19 lockdown era, Anambra state was paying workers, her retired staff and contractors promptly unlike during the years of the powerful political manipulators. All these may go in smoke if the power plotters manipulate APGA out of power which obviously, is the grand plan.

What remains puzzling is why somebody who claims to be proud of his Anambra and Igbo root would sell his heart and skill to such a suicidal mission to rob himself of his heritage for just one election and still expect history to have a good tale of him.

Without doubt the present developments in the build-up to the Anambra gubernatorial election of November 6, 2021 have big potentials to magnify or diminish the political careers of key players. Beyond the fame or even the celebrity status, the main players in this on-going saga enjoy, a big consequence awaits them. Folks and the land will surely remember the blows dealt by the current political situation on everybody in Anambra and the entire Igbo land. If this does not arouse enough concern in the minds of the men and women, currently holding all of us, and themselves on our balls, I wonder what would.

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Indeed, power is rarely served on a platter of gold but you do not get things by scattering everything. If integrity and endearing honour are not procured by prices and sacrifice, nobody would be venerating names like Nnamdi Azikiwe (Zik), Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (Ikemba), Akanu Ibiam, Sam Mbakwe among others.

 There is a future. That is what anybody involved in this current macabre display should have in mind. History can be very harsh and unrelentingly mean on the unfortunate.

This is why I get horrified when I behold the players in the saga still continuing in their mental torture of the people  with their dangerous and selfish political pranks. Anambra needs peace.

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