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Wear your face cap with style



FACE is the front part of the head from forehead to the chin. While cap is a soft head covering without a brim but often with a peak, worn mostly by men and guys. It is also worn by  girls and  some ladies.

  Face caps are at times a fun way to add to original and attractive quality or stylishness to your attire . It is good for guys  with bad skull shapes  and structure . They are popular in casual and informal settings, and are seen in sports and fashionable purposes.

  Face caps are found in various colours and designs. Apart from using face cap to cover  the head, it is used to protect or prevent sunlight from getting directly to the eyes. Some  guys taking dangerous drugs use face caps  to cover  their reddish  eyes.

  Generally, cap is used as protective, warm material during cold season. Face caps are also used as fashion statements for guys, men, some ladies

and more especially, for those in sports and celebrities.

  Face caps come  in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

  Face caps can be worn with different outfits for example with casual trousers, jeans, polo, cotton T-shirts and jackets, sneakers and boots.

  Since face cap is commonly used for casual and informal dressing, it is not proper to wear it with corporate dressing like suit or be used for formal meetings or certain occasions.

  Some guys wear face caps facing different direction. At times, facing back or sideways, seem to be   looking irresponsible in the eyes of some  people, especially the elders. Face cap should be worn when going for business meetings or parties – to avoid looking down on you as not being a responsible fellow. Jazz up your casual outfit with your face cap but ensure it fits your head properly and the purpose for  which it  is worn.

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