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COVID-19 Delta variant: 136 students test positive in Ghana



DIRECTOR-GENERAL of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, has confirmed that 136 students in a high school in the country have been infected with the COVID-19 Delta variant.

  Dr, Kuma-Aboagye disclosed this during the latest national COVID-19 update. Aboagye disclosed that 136 out of 550 samples taken from students in Achimota School returned positive.

  The DG said three students from the school went to the hospital last month with symptoms of influenza but ended up with testing positive for COVID-19.

  Other symptomatic students and contacts were identified, listed and tested for COVID-19.

  The official added that the majority of the students, who tested positive are day students.

  “We are doing the strategic testing of day students so that the infection does not spill into the community”, Xinhua quoted him as saying.

  Ghana first confirmed six cases of COVID-19 Delta variant among passengers arriving in the country on June 22.  

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