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US boosts Azerbaijan’s COVID-19 fight with $1m



THE US has allocated one million US dollars to Azerbaijan to fight the coronavirus infection.

  Disclosing this today to the media, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan, Earle Litzenberger said the fund will go a long way in helping Azerbaijan to tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19 in the country.

   According to Litzenberger, these funds will be transferred to Azerbaijan through the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Senior Analyst, Center for European Studies, Turgut Kerem Tuncel, said Zangezur corridor has huge significance not only in the region but also beyond.

Turgut Kerem Tuncel noted during a webinar titled, ‘Possible Impact of the Zangezur Corridor’ on the existing regional transport-communication lines that the corridor will shorten the distance between Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Turkey.

“If the corridor will include the pipeline Baku will be able to supply the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with natural gas,” he said.

He added that Zangezur corridor will give shorter roads not only to Azerbaijan and Turkey but also to Iran and Georgia. It will also provide a link between Iran and Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

He also noted that the Zangezur corridor may be more advantageous than it is told about.

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