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Britain ‘to lift almost all COVID-19 restrictions’ on July 19



BRITISH Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is set to unveil a series of announcements next week about what life will look like after the delayed ‘Freedom Day’.

  The rule of six indoors, rule of 30 outdoors, one-metre social distancing in pubs, ban on nightclubs and at least some legal face masks laws are all likely to be dropped, according to the Daily Mail.

  The Prime Minister all but confirmed yesterday that he will give the green light for reopening mid-month as he underlined the success of the vaccine programme. Mr Johnson added that Britain was now in the ‘final furlong’ of the lockdown. But, with cases still surging, he warned that some ‘extra precautions’ may need to remain in place after so-called ‘Freedom Day’ on July 19.

  Last night it was claimed that health officials have drawn up contingency plans involving possible Covid restrictions for the next five winters. A final decision on lifting restrictions will not be made until July 12, but government sources said the plan will be published next week to give business and individuals more time to adjust.

  The PM has prioritised scrapping the one-metre rule, along with the rule of six on indoor socialising, which are seen as the biggest brakes on the economy. Rules limiting outdoor gatherings to no more than 30 will also go, and businesses such as nightclubs, which have been forced to close throughout the pandemic, will finally be allowed to reopen.

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