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Nigeria to get COVID-19 sponsorship from Global Fund



ABOUT 30 non-operational oxygen plants across Nigeria will soon bounce back to full operation following plans by an International Financing and partnership organisation, Global Funds to bankroll their operations.

  Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire announced this in Abuja at the National Joint Media briefing by the Presidential Steering Committee, yesterday.

   According to the minister, repairs were going to be funded by Global Fund which will in addition build 12 new oxygen plants spatially located across the country to fill up gaps in supply and access in less than 100km from an oxygen plant.

  “Oxygen sufficiency is of high priority, as we observed in countries going through the 3rd wave.  

  The federal government placed order for 38 Oxygen Generation Plants, one in every State, with Lagos having two, due to its high burden,” he explained. Distribution of PPEs and consumables was on track in all health facilities to assure health workers of their safety while Treatment Centres and ICUs  have been issued adequate consumables and medication, and have been advised to ensure generators are in working order, and fuel is available,” Ehanire said.

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