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We need reorientation, resuscitation of pop music with quality – Nnabuife



MANAGING Director and Chief Executive Officer, Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), Chuka Nnabuife has reiterated the essence of music in shaping lives and society.

  He made this known while fielding questions from  journalists at the celebration of the 2021 edition of World Music Day, which held at Destination Garden, Awka.

  Comparing the music of yesteryears to today’s brand of music, the award-winning poet cum journalist, emphasised the need for music artistes to raise the bars by playing music to elevate, enlighten and educate the general public.

   “Generally, there is a drop on the stage art of music with the emergence of filming and music videos. The technology of today makes it easy for someone to involve in the arts without learning a lot of the stage performance, especially the dramatisation of the art”.    

  According to him, the presence of computers has made music digital and more encompassing. Though, this is a welcome development. He lamented that such improvement in technology has led to low quality in content.

  “Today, computers have made it easier for the artist to perform the art. Previously, the absence of computers ensured that the music artist requires working on instrumentation, especially on being skilled in guitars, keyboard or any of them. It has become permissible for somebody to have himself in the public domain as an artist and live like that without having good knowledge of instruments. This is quite disturbing as you see all manners of persons projecting their image as singers. “

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  Sir Nnabuife explained that the times require reorientation and resuscitation of good and quality music as it was in the early and late 80s.

  “Gone are the days when you have the likes of Michael Jackson, who danced you out or Bob Marley, who will mesmerise you with the stroke of his guitar or the legendary Fela Kuti who, will give you an orchestra on stage while performing his song. That kind of art is gradually becoming extinct. But the singer of today will have a lot to do by entertaining the guest with a lot of manners in dressing and antics on stage.

  ” Even though the new breed of singers are not as energetic as the musicians of old, they, however, have a lot to do to keep the audience entertained. He has to show a high level of showmanship. The present day artist is actually a 360°c performer which requires him to complete a circle of a total ensemble of arts, in picture dramatisation and dexterity in skill.”

  He maintained that it is necessary for all stakeholders in the entertainment industry to cooperate and enforce policies that will encourage upcoming talents, as well as trending ones to boost the industry.

  World Music Day is celebrated on 20th of June each year. It is a day set aside to honour and appreciate music on open stage and other live or dramatics. It was the first time it was held in the state capital, Awka.

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