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Germany to introduce digital COVID-19 pass



GERMAN government says it intends to roll out a digital immunity certificate by the end of June, making it easier to prove that a person has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. But critics warn the timeframe is too ambitious.

  Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Thursday that Germany will roll out a digital immunity certificate “CovPass” by the end of June, making it easier to definitively prove that a person has been fully vaccinated.

  The digital pass is to become available alongside Germany’s traditional yellow paper vaccination booklet, he stressed.

   People who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and those who have recovered have recently become exempt from many restrictions in Germany. This includes travel restrictions, something that is very relevant in all of Europe ahead of the summer vacation time.

  The embattled health minister from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been announcing new COVID-19 measures and spreading optimism on a daily basis of late. Observers see this also as an attempt to garner voter support, ahead of the general election in September, where Spahn’s party is seeking to hold on to power.

  So starting next week, Germans will be able to prove they have been fully vaccinated by simply showing an app on their smartphones. Those who have already received all their jabs are supposed to be able to receive their digital certification retroactively.

  In Germany, COVID-19 vaccines are administered in vaccination centers, by general practitioners, and since very recently also by company doctors.

  All those who have already received their second vaccination at the vaccination center are supposed to automatically receive their vaccination e-certificate by post in the next few weeks. Using the QR code contained therein, the data can be uploaded to the apps intended for this, such as “CovPass” or the Corona warning app.

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