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COVID-19: Namibia implements urgent measures amid spike



THE Namibian government has taken an urgent decision to step up preventive measures after a spike in both new COVID-19 cases and related fatality rate in the last three weeks.

  According to a government circular, new space will be created, more staff hired, and additional oxygen acquired to handle the rising number of COVID-19 patients that have overwhelmed hospitals, according to a government circular.

  Minister of Information and Communication Technology and cabinet spokesperson, Peya Mushelenga disclosed that the government has approved an urgent plan to provide more help to state hospitals fighting the pandemic.

  Health Minister, Kalumbi Shangula said the country’s confirmed daily new cases reached a record 1,045 on Thursday night.

  Total confirmed cases now stood at 61,374 and number of related deaths at 968, as the country faces what Shangula described as its worst challenge from COVID-19.

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