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Ndi Anambra urged to boost ecosystem, environment



RESIDENTS of Anambra state have been urged to avoid acts capable of endangering the environment and the ecosystem.

  Speaking in Awka, the Managing Director of Anambra State Waste Management Authority, (ASWAMA), Mr. Amechi Akorah, stressed the need for people to join hands with the Government to maintain a friendly and healthy environment.

  Akorah said that adopting environmental-friendly attitude would protect the people from adverse effects of climate change resulting from depletion of the ozone layer and cautioned against burning of materials, deforestation and other acts that could threaten the temperature of the environment, which he said increases global warming and other environmental challenges.

  He explained that mass tree planting provides effective response to issues of climate change, as well as serve as watershed and habitat to millions of animals and humans that form part of the ecosystem, noting that trees do not only serve as wind breakers, but also help in withstanding variety of natural disasters and regulation of atmospheric temperature, as well as increase of oxygen.

  Mr. Akorah urged developers to always replace trees cut during building processes, while residents should cultivate and nuture gardens and grasses around their homes to protect the soil from erosion, as well as avoid indiscriminate disposal of refuse and dumping of waste materials in drainage system.

  Also speaking, the State Chairman of the Nigeria Miners Association, Chief Henry Igboeli called on government to take more proactive measures to tackle abuse of the environment by illegal miners and sand excavators across the State.

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  According to Chief Igboeli, these unregulated activities have increased erosion devastation and land degradation, which he regretted constitute serious threat to critical public infrastructure, homes and farmlands.

  He said that protection of the environment should be collective responsibility of the government and the people to maintain healthy ecosystem.

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