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Group condemns shoot at sight order, insist on restructuring



IGBOS in diaspora on the aegis of Igbo World Assembly has called for caution on the alleged directives of the federal government on shoot at sight.

  The chairman of the group,  Nwachukwu Anakwenze, who gave the warning in his keynote address in Abuja, reaffirmed their position on restructuring of the country to enhance true federalism and douse tension in some regions.

  Dr. Anakwenze, who posited that at the just concluded Nigeria 2023 Presidential Transition Inter-ethnic Peace and Fialogue said that true federalism was needed to tackle issues bordering on insecurity.

  “Restructuring of Nigeria should be a means of tackling the worsening insecurity and the secessionist agenda.

  “There is need for a Nigeria political structure that is based on equity, fairness and equal access to political positions for all Nigerians irrespective of tribe or religion”.

  “We feel that what Nigeria needs mostly is true fiscal federalism which is a system of government based upon democratic rules”.

  “Here, power to govern is shared between national and regional/state governments”.

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