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Cleric calls on Christians to build quality relationship



CHRISTIANS have been urged to build quality relationships by harnessing their unique gifts for the good of others. 

  The Parish Priest of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia, Rev. Fr. Michael Onwukike made the plea in a homily to mark the Solemnity of The Most Holy Trinity at the parish. 

  According to him, the greater crises faced today is the relationship with people personally and globally. 

  The cleric emphasised that there was something beautiful about individuality, urging that the unique gift should be used to build one another and the society at large. 

  Fr. Onwukike explained that The Solemnity of The Holy Trinity began around the18th century but spread throughout the Universal Church in the 14th century, reaching its greatest precision in the Council of Toledo (675). 

  “The mystery of the Holy Trinity teaches us that there are three persons in one God, sharing the same divine nature. 

  It is a dogma of the Christian faith understandable in our hearts. The immensity of God is an incomprehensible reality.”

  According to the priest, you will see the Trinity if you see love; The Father is the lover, The Son is the loved and The Holy Spirit is the personification of the act of loving as St Augustine stated it. 

  The priest explained that the Feast of the Holy Trinity beckons on Christians to live in the awareness of the presence of the Triune God with man. 

  “The presence of Triune God within us should help us to esteem ourselves as God’s holy dwelling place, behave well in His holy presence and imbibe other virtues.”

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  The cleric said that the doctrine of Three Persons in one God, equal in divinity yet distinct in person was not explicitly spelt out in the Bible. 

  He explained that the doctrine underlies all major Christian feasts, all the official prayers of the Church begin with the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, concluding them by glorifying the Holy Trinity. 

  Fr. Onwukike urged all to imitate the love that existed among the Trinitarian God as the source of their strength, courage, and model for Christian families.

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