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Protest in Ikorodu as trailer crushes four to death



THERE was a protest in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State after a trailer crushed four persons in the First Gate, Lagos State Polytechnic axis of the Ikorodu road.

  The protesters, which included transporters on the road, set up a born fire and blocked the road.

  They also blocked all routes leading to the road, leaving passengers to trek long distances.

  An anonymous male eyewitness described the road as a death trap, urging the government to pay urgent attention to it.

  According to his account, “Five people were involved yesterday. Four of them died and one was badly injured. The contractor has abandoned the project and claimed that the federal government has not paid.”

  He added, “The federal government should look into this and do something about it urgently. This road has been abandoned. This is a hill and trailers fall easily. It is less than 200 metres. The contractors must return to the site. We cannot be allowing people to die here.”

  However, policemen have been deployed to restore order in the area.

  Source says, some residents earlier staged a protest when the accident happened yesterday.

  It was learnt that the trailer rammed into an oncoming tricycle popularly called ‘Keke’ after losing control.

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