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Umuike, Awka honours oldest man, Pa Nwachukwu



UMUIKE Awka, in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, was agog on Saturday, as people turned out in their numbers to celebrate the eldest man, Pa Nwachukwu Michael Onwuzuligbo at 92 .

  The occasion which held at his compound, Ogazi –na-ebeke kindred in Umuike Village, Awka, saw friends and well- wishers in attendance.

 Speaking with National Light, Pa Nwachukwu expressed gratitude to God for giving him the privilege to attain the age of 92.  According to him, it is only the eldest of any grade that can only do this kind of celebration, and I am very happy as people are celebrating me because it is not easy, though it is not my making, it is God’s doing, I am grateful to God today. God said “ I will be merciful to who I will be merciful ,in my attitude, I do not segregate on people by any means, I recognize my people, unless any person that does not want to identify with me and my prayer for everyone is unity, peace and progress.

  Speaking at the event, a lecturer in the Department of Quantity Surveying, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Emma Nwobu said things of this kind had not been seen in recent times, adding that for some time now people will only assume the position without its ceremony.

 “However, it is something of joy, since I know him as a person, he is not an active person, he is an easy going man and not the type that makes noise, he embraces God and worship God, he is not in the mainstream of people that one may say these are the advocates of the village. God’s grace bestowed on him, that he will be the eldest today and by the position, anything he rules is final, though there will be deliberations but his rules are final.

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  “Even though this is  a period when the elders die a lot, the period of COVID-19 pandemic, God just showed him favour. I thank God for his kindred for organising the ceremony in his honour. It is commendable. The Chairman of the kindred, Ozo Mike Onwuasor and Chief Peter Anekwe, and others, their resilience showed leadership. Above all, it is something to give God the glory.

  In his contribution, the Chairman, Ulonese Agulu Awka, Chief Peter Anekwe, said that the event was a welcome development and that it is a traditional right from the beginning, a particular ceremony signifying the eldest in the community.

   Also, the chief organiser of the event, Ozo  Mike Onwuasor called on the village in general to be law abiding and promised that the in reign of this current Otochalu, the village will experience relative peace and progress, and prayed that people that came will go in peace.

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