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Mysterious fire breaks out in popular Lagos beach



FUN seekers were yesterday stunned as huge fire broke out at Snake Island,  Ibeju-Lekki, Ilashe beach, Badagary creek area of Lagos State.

  The incident which started in the early hours of the morning caused big stir amongst visitors to the beach who could not find ready explanations to the raging inferno hundreds of meters away from the shores of the ocean.

  Eyewitness account says thick smoke emanating from the fire attracted crowd who gathered at safe distance within the sandy shores watching the raging inferno without any ideas how to help save the situation.

  Speaking to National Light reporter, an anonymous eyewitness said such thing had never happened at the beach, “I have not seen this kind of fire outbreak inside the ocean. Some people are arguing that it could be a tyre burning inside the water, but such notion cannot stand because the fire was coming straight from the water and no object was visible to be attributed with the cause of the fire.”

  Commenting on the incidence, a social media user says it may be underground petroleum pipe burst, but provided no further information on possible underground pipe facilities within the marine area.

  “Maybe there could be an oil rift people didn’t know about but how did fire start? Virginia Singer U-tube account user posted in her wall.

  For Blessing Eke, the incident is bizarre and a puzzle too difficult to unravel at the moment. “Wonders shall never end, how come inside beach?” She queried.

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  A twitter user @JohnEzeakolam  said, “The unthinkable is happening in Nigeria, signs of a nation in demise. Ilase Beach Lagos on fire, how on earth can one explain this. Two calamitous incidents in Southern Nigeria in one morning Begin to pray seriously they are here”

  As at the time of filing this report, authourities from Lagos State Ministry of Environment, fire service, as well the police have not made any official statement on the incident.

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