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Zambia reimposes COVID-19 restrictions for travelers



ZAMBIA has reintroduced the COVID-19 test on arrival and the mandatory 14-day quarantine for travelers from 15 countries.

  The country’s Health Ministry and Public Health Institute stated this in the capital Lusaka. It listed the affected countries as South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia, India, Iran, Turkey, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina. The ministry said the list would be reviewed and updated regularly.

  “In line with SADC [Southern African Development Community] protocols, truck drivers carrying essential goods will be allowed to transit through Zambia without adhering to the 14-day quarantine requirement but must possess a valid SARS CoV2 negative certificate and adhere to COVID-19 prevention guidelines,” read the statement.

  The Southern African nation has so far recorded 92,754 COVID-19 cases, including one Indian variant B.1.617, and 1,265 related deaths.

  Zambia is currently administering two COVID-19 jabs — AstraZeneca through the COVAX facility and Sinopharm donated by the Chinese government. The country has administered as many as 126,291 doses to date.

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