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Red Cross advocates stoppage to killings, kidnappings



By Ukpa Ewa and Nwoye Chinyere

NIGERIAN Red Cross Society, Anambra State Chapter has advocated against continued killing of people across the country.

  Addressing newsmen to commemorate the World Red Cross Day in Awka, the state chairman,  Peter Emeka Katchy affirmed that wanton killings and kidnapping of people all over Nigeria was of terrible concern that had reduced human value and decimated humanity.

  According to him, the present security situation is a clear threat to national peace as conflicts and violence are forcing millions to leave their homes to seek safety elsewhere as internally displaced persons in difficult situations.

  “Violence has been running rampantly across the world and has mainly been infused by hatred, jealousy, greed, selfishness and ignorance.

  “The cycle of violence progresses even more quickly sequel to ignorance, bigotry and propaganda.

  “Hatred is the cause of violence throughout the world between various ethnics, communities and national groups which have refused to die in spite of the best efforts of national leaders.’’

  Prof Katchy, however, maintained that it was pertinent to propagate peace through dialogue, treaties negotiations and special campaigns under the code name: “People on War”, “Even wars have limits”.

  World Red Cross Day, 2021 has a theme: “Stop the Killings, Stop the kidnappings, Humanity is Unstoppable”.

  In attendance were; Emeritus Chief Judge Anambra State, Justice P C Obidigwe, Magistrate Rita Ngozi Nzekwu, Central Council Executive Members of Nigerian Red Cross Society.

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