Christian mothers charged to live in the Spirit



By Chris Aghanya

ANAMBRA State Chairman of Christians  Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ven. Joseph Nweke, has criticised married women who indulge in promiscuous lives for money and other earthly benefits.

 The clergyman leveled the accusation during the 10th Inland Town Archdeaconry Women’s Conference, held at Church of Divine Love Parish, MCC, Onitsha.

 The chairman frowned that, “some women are dividing their families. They love one child more than the other/others”.

 He therefore, advised such women to work in the spirit, adding, “if you work in the spirit, you yield fruit of the spirit. You will have patience even when your neighbour annoys you. So these women should endeavour to work in the spirit which gives life and not the fresh which brings condemnation”.

“The theme of the Women’s Conference is ‘Working in the Spirit’ and what I am telling the women today is to work in the spirit and not to work in the fresh”.

“The fruit of the spirit include, joy, happiness, peace, patience, among others. If you work in the spirit you exhibit love for your neighbor and love for God. You will be patient enough even if your neighbour annoys you, you keep on enduring. Everything you are doing is determined by the spirit. Those who are led by the spirit are the sons of God.”

“Some people are naturally wicked and it is Christ that can change  human life from negative to positive,” he stated.

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