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Nigeria to begin use of 5G tech – NCC



NIGERIAN Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited for the use of C-Band spectrum of Nigerian communications satellite for 5G services in Nigeria.

  The C-Band spectrum is expected to play a critical role in helping the nation achieve enhanced broadband and ultra-reliable latency communication.

  NCC disclosed this in a document entitled ‘Deployment of Fifth Generation Mobile Technology in Nigeria’ that was made available on its website which showed that IHS Economics estimated that 5G would enable $12.3tn of global economic output in 2035.

  According to Chairman of Board of Commissioners, Prof. Adeolu Akande, at the event in recent times, several administrations had begun to license spectrum for commercial deployment of 5G.

  “Today, 5G services have already been deployed in United States of America, South Korea, and many more countries.

  “Fifth Generation will build on this momentum, bringing substantial network improvements, including higher connection speeds, mobility, and capacity, as well as low-latency capabilities. Fifth Generation represents the fifth generation in mobile communications evolution and an incremental deployment is expected over the following decade.

It is designed to be a system of systems that will bring flexibility to mobile, fixed, and broadcast networks and support more extensive data requirements. The technology will impact on the way interactions are done by enabling in some cases unforeseen business models, enhanced lifestyles all resulting in increased productivity.

Some of the technologies already being touted include automated cars and advanced manufacturing, Internet of things (IoT) which will enable thousands of connected devices, such as smart energy meters, work together and share information. These changes and innovation have enormous economic benefits,” he said.

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  It will be recalled that Nigeria hopes to be one of the leading nations in 5G deployment.

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