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Hospital with COVID patients bombed in Ukrane



A HOSPITAL with 45 patients sick with coronavirus and pneumonia took damage during the attack in Krasnohorivka town, Donetsk region. The shelling did not result in any casualties, reports the town administration of the neighboring Mariinka.

  “Krasnohorivka town took fire, which resulted in damage for Mariinka Central District Hospital”, reads the message.

The window glass in the hospital’s building was damaged, and the building was cut from the grid; no casualties were reported. The police are looking into the incident.

On May 4, Russian mercenaries shelled Donbas six times. The Ukrainian military took no casualties.

Holding the direct negotiations with Russian mercenaries of the self-styled “people’s republics” of Donbas is a red line for Ukraine. Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba said so during the HARDtalk show at BBC News World.

“No. It’s a red line we won’t cross. The President is quite determined here. We all know it is Russia who attacked Ukraine,” Kuleba said.

According to him, the Ukrainian side believes that the key to solve the conflict in Donbas is in Moscow, and Ukraine will not talk to the Kremlin’s puppets.

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