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Mothers should be instrumental in family, church, nation devp – Ejiofor



FORMER Chairman, Anaocha Local Government Area, Anambra State, and Board Chairman of Ogene Football Club, Obeledu, Ikeobi Ejiofor, has said that maintaining that the uniqueness and virtuousness of every Christian mother were her great strength and gift from God.

  Sir Ejiofor, who said this while felicitating with the Roman Catholic Mothers at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Obeledu, observed that  the historical celebration of Mothers’ Sunday by the Roman Catholic Women is a religious tradition that reminds every Christian mother her noble duties to her family, the church and society at large.

  “It’s also a season to reflect on the virtuousness of several dedicated and committed women in the Bible such as Esther, Mary Magdalene, Hannah, Ruth, Lois, Eunice among others, who sought the perfect counselling of godliness and faithfulness in Christ”.

  Sir Ejiofor, also known as Ike Anaocha, described mothers as the fundamental tools for engineering developments and sustaining legacies needed for proficiency, adding that uniqueness and virtuousness of mothers are the main factors that energise them to contribute tremendously in upholding the dignity of motherhood.

  Discussing the virtuous mothers’ position and duties in the family, he stressed that a christian family is incomplete without a mother, who he defined as a backbone that holds the spiritual lifetime of the family through prayers and supplications to God. “As a helpmate suitable for the Man in the family, she serves a greater purpose in providing both financially, materially and otherwise to the family, for its sustainability.”

 “Within the political nucleus and administrative hemisphere, Christian mothers play several vital roles towards the actualisation of true democratic settings and quality governance”, he said.

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