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NDLEA : Two suspects excrete 191 pellets of heroin , cocaine



JOINT National Association of Persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD), Anambra State Chapter, in conjunction with Rule of Law and Anti corruption (RoLAC) has advocated  full implementation of Disability Rights Law from Service Providers and MDAs.

  The bill, which was passed into law in 2018 by Anambra State House of Assembly and assented to by Governor Willie Obiano makes Anambra the first state in the South East to have a legislation that protects the rights of Persons with Disabilities.

  The law seeks to eliminate all forms of discrimination against persons with disabilities, equalize their opportunities in all aspects of life in the society, and establish a Disability Rights Commission, and other matters.

  In a 1-day result tracking meeting with service providers and MDAs on Thursday, at Choice Hotel Awka, The State Chairman, JONAPWD, Comrade Ugochukwu Okeke said the law would create and sustain rights of persons with disabilities and ensure their full participation in affairs of the society.

  Also speaking, the coordinator of RoLAC in the state, Mrs Josephine Onah said the organisation was involved to achieve an appreciable level of inclusiveness of persons with disabilities in Anambra State.

  According to the coordinator, RoLAC in collaboration with Ministry of Women Affairs has organised a capacity workshop for all sign language interpreters in the state to cater for improved communication of the hearing and speech impaired individuals.

  In addition, RoLAC Anambra State has enhanced the publication of sign language interpreters directory, with lists of interpreters to public domain, so that people with such needs can access them.

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  In his address, the Anglican Bishop of Nnewi Diocese, Rt Rev Ndubisi Obi said every man created by God is an image of God and should not be judged by physical attributes.

  The bishop, represented by the diocesan administrative secretary, Rev Canon Odunukwe, said there was Diocesan Implementation Centre already established in Nnewi to cater for children with learning impairment and physical disabilities.

  “On the issue of inclusiveness, accommodation and relations with persons with disabilities,  His Lordship has mandated all churches in the diocese to provide ramps at main entrances; and include them in architectural designs of new buildings”.

  In his presentation, the SSA to the Governor on Disability Matters, Chuka Ezewuzie disclosed that Disability Law Centre (DLC) has been established to defend the rights of persons with disabilities, help them seek redress, and obtain compensation for victims.

  The SSA appealed to Mr Charles Nworji from National Orientation Agency, to  as a matter of urgency and necessity reorient the nation on their attitudes towards persons with disabilities.

  “We want to assist you in programs that will bring about the reorientation of the society, something that can change people’s perception from seeing persons with disabilities as liabilities, to seeing them as assets, capable of contributing to the development of the state, society and the nation”.

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