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COVID-19: Parents urged to monitor children amid school resumption



AS MOST schools in Nigeria reopen for another session, parents have been urged to monitor daily health condition of their children and wards, especially those in day schools.

  Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) made the call on a post on its Twitter handle last night.

  According to NCDC, parents should help their children stay safe by teaching and reinforcing everyday preventive actions by not letting their guard down.

  “They should wear a face mask properly, wash their hands regularly, observed physical distance, avoid large gatherings held indoors with poor adherence to prevention measures and always seek medical attention when ill. Most people who are infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms but can spread the disease to other people. Let us continue to adhere to all public health advisories on COVID-19 prevention,” it said.

  Appealing to parents and guardians to inform school heads of any developments or signs that a child was not well, the post warned that parents may ignore the advice at their own peril.

  “We are also appealing and urging parents to report to the school heads of any relatives showing signs of COVID-19. The fight against COVID-19 in schools, whether boarding or day, requires full participation of everyone,” it said.

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