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Belgium to send 760,000 masks to Guinea



BELGIUM is to send 760,000 masks to Conakry, Guinea, via the B-FAST emergency aid mechanism, the Foreign Ministry, which is coordinating the mission, said on Saturday in a statement.

The assistance comes in response to a call by the West African country for help in fighting the COVID-19. The request was submitted to the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

Like the rest of the world, Guinea has been affected by the pandemic. However, the health situation is further complicated by a measles epidemic, an epidemic of yellow fever and recently also some new Ebola infections which together put an enormous strain on the medical facilities.

The Belgian Health Ministry is donating 600,000 surgical masks and 160,000 KN95. For your info: Belgium has 10.2 million FFP2/KN95 and 147.9 million surgical masks. The FPS Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with a private partner, is providing the transportation of the masks by charter flight to the Guinean capital Conakry. For the cost of transport, B-Fast can count on a partial subsidy from the European Union.

“The Foreign Ministry, in collaboration with a private partner, is transporting the masks by charter flight to the Guinean capital, Conakry,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“B-FAST can rely on a partial subsidy from the European Union for the transport costs,” it added.

The FPS Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation coordinates this shipment of B-FAST, a mechanism in which, in addition to the Prime Minister’s Office, the FPS Public Health, Defense, the FPS Interior and the FPS Bosa are also involved for logistical and administrative support. For more information on the B-FAST mechanism: B-FAST.

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