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Nnabuife’s Books Presentation C’ttee begins media tour



AS PART of the effort to get the general public  the forthcoming unveiling of Sir Chuka Nnabuife’s three new literary works, Homeland Catalysis: More than just Anambra Narratives, Mbize: Rage of Red Earth, and Nigeria/Biafra War (1967 – 1979): Holes in our Bubbles, the members of the event’s organising committee have kicked off aggressive media tours to solicit  collaboration ofthe major media outfits in Anambra State and South East, Nigeria, to promote the tripartite public book presentation coming on Saturday, April 24.

  The tour, led by the author, who is the  Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation (ANPC), Sir Nnabuife, commenced with Ogene 98.3 FM, Awka, on Thursday, April 8.

  Appealing for promotion of the forthcoming tripartite public book presentation, the author dived into an engaging cursory look at the works: “The three books are: one. Homeland Catalysis: More than just Anambra Narratives is a collection of my intervention essays on socio political and cultural issues in Anambra State, Igboland and Nigeria. It also dwells on personalities.

  “The second is Mbize, an award-winning collection of poems and photographs. It is about the rage of red earth and landslide in Igbo land. It is a result of a story I did when I was working with the Nigerian Compass, where I left as a general editor.

So, as one of my assignments as a field reporter, I had to cover erosions that were ravaging the South East of Nigeria. Then, I found out that I was dealing with a story that was international. In fact, this book (Mbize) is an award-winning collection because I eventually filled the synopsis for the book to Chirico Foundation of Germany in Nigeria. They selected it as one of their entries in Nigeria and actually published it.

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  “And I found out that we don’t have much awareness of the level of the damage erosion had done to us in the South East, particularly Anambra State. For example, what I saw at Nanka, Oko and Ekwuluobia axis, to me, is still contending for the Guinness Book of World Record in the level of damage the gully erosion had done to the communities – it sacked the communities and is still sacking.

  “In the cover of the book, is a two-storey building sank into a gully. It is in Ogidi axis of Onitsha-Owere road. Unfortunately, before we finished our assignment on the particular erosion, the two-storey building had been sunk into the gully. I was one of the last three people that took a photograph of it. So, Chirico Foundation sponsored the publication of the book.

  “The third here, is Nigeria Civil War (1967 – 1970): Holes in our Bubbles (A Reporter’s Investigative Insight into Oft-misrepresented Saga). I wrote it in quotorial form; what do I mean by quotorial form? I present the work in a way that I met the people, who executed the war – the generals of Nigerian army and those of the default Biafran army.

  “Most of them had worked together as colleagues in military schools; hardly anybody, who was there did not have a professional military training; and they were the ones, who executed the war as frontliners. About 15 of them were drawn from Nigerian side and Biafran side.

  “They told me about their own accounts; and like a journalist, I didn’t edit their language. It is as they spoke it and I took their comments and reported them as they were,” he stated.

  Narrating further that he began the investigation in 2008 and concluded it in 2020, the author explained that in the course of the investigation, he met General Alabi Isama, Alani Akiriede and Governor Joe Achuzia. Others include the late Nwobosi, Ben Gbulie, Ugboaja, Pita Ejiofor, and Dan Mbaezie, who was one of the air force flight officers. He noted that he could not meet Olusegun Obasanjo, but some references were made to him.

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  However, Sir Nnabuife said, the accounts of these war veterans clash, for instance, the explanation of Gov Achuzia on how the war ended contradicted that of Alabi Isama. “There was this contradiction too – Alabi Isama made us to know that Bakassi was never in Nigeria, despite the fact that he betrayed us during the war.

  “We also learnt through this book that Obasanjo was never in the command, but there is a book called, ‘My Command’… .”

  Continuing, he said, “Though I was around as an infant during the war; I did not fight it, but as a journalist I have the tool to get the truth to society and present it the way it is spoken… so, if you, who read know Achuzia, for example, you will know that this is his language – that’s what I mean when I say that I wrote the book in a quotorial form”.

  He argued that Nigeria/Biafra War (1967 – 1979: Holes in our Bubbles is unique in the sense that its content is raw facts of what the principal actors of the war said it was the war, stressing that it is devoid of the clauses such as “why we fought; why we struck” et cetera that are commonly found in its contemporaries.

  Responding, the General Manager, Ogene FM, Justice Kalu, congratulated Sir Nnabuife on coming up with the excellent treatises and hinted that the presentation of the books to the public domain is coming at a right time considering what is happening in the country today.

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  Noting that his organisation is part and parcel of the books presentation project, the general manager pledged his organisation’s readiness to give adequate media coverage and promotion to the event.

  However, he expressed dismay that history is no long what it was, saying “one of the greatest challenges we have today in the recent time is the fact that the generation today has not been able to enjoy events as they occurred in the past; we lost history as it was.

  “Even in the curriculum today, you would not get the foundation – those, who studied history and anthropology have not really gotten the real true picture… I heard various accounts given about the war including that of Abori Accord. So, the fact that we have an idea of what really transpired gives us the impression that nobody wants a war”, he stressed.

  In a vote of thanks, the head, Publicity Subcommittee, Mr Eze Onwuji, thanked the management of Ogene FM for the warm reception accorded the group and their express readiness to partner the group to promote the tripartite public book presentation.

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