Ebubeagu to the rescue



THOUGH belated, I must thank the political leadership of the south-east, for deeming it necessary to float Ebubeagu; the region’s security outfit.

  I have carefully observed South-East governors choice of words in the communique issued to that effect. If that communique is a pointer to the operational efficiency of the group and the boldness needed to tackle issues frontally, then the prevailing situation is justified.

  Current security environment in the southeast calls for leaders who will, at the very least, articulate the feelings of south-easterners and boldly but respectfully communicate same to the federal government.

  We are not looking for leaders always at loggerhead with the federal government, neither looking for governors who seem to all have contracted a dangerous strain of cap-in-hand.

  The South-East security challenge is an issue that must be given voice by the right people from appropriate quarters. If moderate voice shies away from such responsibility, the affair could be hijacked by dissenting capable of swaying opinions that will spell disaster for the people of the region.”

  Our leaders must be encouraged to quit communicating in language that depicts either sheer timidness or utter unwillingness to place legitimate concerns of their people above personal interests. If they don’t, they won’t get the popular support needed to heal our land and return the south-east on the right track to progress.

  I’m already sparing thoughts as to how Ebubeagu will relate with existing vigilante groups, IPOB’s Eastern Security Network, “unknown gunmen,” Enugu Forest Guard, Police, and heavy military presence in the south-east.

  More guns alone will not solve the problems of the south-east, credible leadership will. For now, it seems lacking. And that, to me, is troubling.

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