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Nigeria deeply frustrates me – Adichie



… Says she regrets not going for US citizenship

MULTIPLE award-winning US-based Nigerian author and feminist icon, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has shared her regret in not choosing to be a U.S. citizen when she had the chance to make the choice in the past.

Adichie revealed this in an interview with popular media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Bounce Radio, during which she also revealed that Nigeria, her country, ‘deeply’ frustrates her.

Fielding the question “Are you proud to be a Nigerian?” from Obi-Uchendu, Adichie, who started with “There’s nothing to be proud about…” ended up saying “If I said yes, it would be lie; if I said no, it would be lie.”

She said, “I’m Nigerian; that’s the hand I got dealt… Nigeria deeply frustrates me, deeply frustrates me; and a few years ago, I realised I don’t have to love Nigeria, and it was a very freeing realisation for me, because I think for so long I have this feeling that I have to be a dutiful daughter. I don’t have to be.”

Going further, the Orange Prize winner said, “But I am Nigerian. Well, actually, now I just have one passport (which is) Nigerian. I made the choice years ago not to become a U.S. Citizen —a choice I’m now regretting.”

Revealing that she would however not turn her back on Nigeria, notwithstanding of the frustrations, Adichie added that she was waiting for President Donald Trump to leave office, so she would apply to become a US Citizen.

“the thing is, a country frustrates you, you’re so disappointed, but your heart somehow is still there, because  it is yours,” she said.

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