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UK Police hunt for thieves who stole world’s biggest rabbit



BRITISH police are on the trail of thieves who bagged the world’s largest rabbit named Darius from his owner’s garden.

  West Mercia Police said they were appealing for information after the brown-and-white bunny disappeared on Saturday night from its pen in Stoulton, central England.

  Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit, was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest-living rabbit in 2010, measuring a whopping 4ft 3 inches (129 centimetres) in length.

  His owner, Annette Edwards, tweeted Sunday that it was a very sad day and offered a £1,000 reward for his safe return.

  “Darius is too old to breed now. So please bring him back,” she said.

   A very sad day. Guinness world record Darius has been stolen from his home. The police are doing there best to find out who has taken it. There is a reward of a £1,000. Darius is to old to breed now. So please bring it back.

  In a tweeth,  Annette Edwards (@maycats56)  said Darius should be living a quiet life in retirement.

  Edwards announced in 2018 that Darius, then eight years old, was retiring and giving up public events and media appearances for a quieter life at home.

  In a previous tragedy for the owner, Darius’s three-foot-long (90-centimetre) son, Simon died on a cross-Atlantic flight in 2010 as he was being transported to a new owner. He had been expected to eventually outgrow its father.

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