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Ministry of transportation inaugurates Task Force For Urban Drivers Welfare



Anambra State Ministry of Transport has inaugurated Taskforce members for Urban Drivers Welfare Association.

The Taskforce, according the State Commissioner for Transport, Mr Afam Mbanefo, is to help government restore sanity on roads, by curbing activities, and illegal taxation and other abuses motorists both private and public. The inauguration took place at the ministry’s office in the secretariat in Awka, Anambra state.

Inaugurating the taskforce members, Mr. Mbanefo charged them to be civil in their operations, warning that high-handedness against commercial drivers will not be tolerated.

In his words he said “all taxes that are collected by the IGR agents should be done in the loading and off loading locations that have been mapped out in the state, we do not want to see individuals who put sticks on the road to intimidate our drivers, hence this task force is created to ensure that those individuals will no longer cause menace to drivers.”

He further warned the task force members not to find themselves wanting by engaging in intimidation, bribery and other scandals. He charged them to always be on their uniforms and ID cards as well. He said” we are not creating a paramilitary force here, so we should be well behaved and stick to the policies on ground.

You are not allowed to introduce any individuals outside this force to be part of this force.” He assured the force that when they need security to perform an exercise the backup will be provided.

Responding, the Public Relations Officer of Urban Drivers Welfare Association in Anambra State, Mr. Kingsley Adiele, promised that the association and the Taskforce will assist government in achieving desired results in the Transport sector.

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He appreciated the government for listening to the cries and pleas from the different commercial drivers in the state and promised that the force will function with immediate effect.

Zonal area commander and one of the people inaugurated into the task force, Afamefuna Uba Meshack of the force praised the commissioner for the inauguration of the task force he said “our drivers prayers have been answered and we hope that this touts will clear off the streets, we promise to do our best and perform our responsibilities accordingly”

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