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Something fishy in O’sha security reports



Some resident of Onitsha and environ smell a fish in the magnification of insecurity tales about the still buzzing commercial city. They say that even with hitherto security situation, there is relative sanity and social life. Excerpts:

O’sha security challenges being hyped

… Only touts on prowl

ANAMBRA had the best organised security outfit in Nigeria.

  Now, the whole Nigeria is faced with security challenges including the killing by security agents and attacks by Fulani herdsmen.

  Security challenges in Anambra is small compared to other states because of what Obiano set up earlier.

  The governor has tried, the government has tried

  Our main problem is the presence of touts. They operate freely, creating problems for business people from other states. They use force to take money from their victim. Government should enforce the law against touts. Let there be task force to enforce it. Many traders from other states no longer visit Onitsha market.

Security not as bad as before Obiano

Agitations by groups only raise concern

SECURITY issues is declining not only in Anambra but the whole Nigeria.

  The issue of agitations by different groups in the country is worrisome. The coming of ESN is another issue that still compound security challenges in the south east.

  It appears there is no presence of security personnel on the highway.  The government should either take over ESN or do away with them. The illegal extortion of money at check points signal the decline of security in Nigeria. The public no longer appreciate their services.

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  Most of the checks points  are empty. Gov Obiano has done a lot for Anambrians especially in security. Upper Iweka, Nkpor Junction and the Head Bridge and other places were no go areas before he came. No government was able to do it earlier.

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