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Security… more than just govt’s business



SOME weeks ago, Anambra State and other parts of the Southeast Zone witnessed various attacks targeted at security personnel and public facilities by armed brigands and hoodlums.

  SOME officers of the police,  military and paramilitary officials as well as warders were not only killed, but had  their arms carted away. 

  A good number of them flee their  duty posts and strategic positions since they have become targets.

 THE governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, after  meetings and consultations with security chiefs in the state made  a broadcast last week in which he gave an update on the situation and announced measures to tackle them.

  SUCH measures include ban of use of tinted glasses in unauthourised vehicles, covered number plates and ticketing touts at motor parks and streets, deployment of more security personnel to the state. The governor also vowed to deal with cultists and called on the entire  Anambra populace and other stakeholders to co-operate to arrest the situation.

  NOTWITHSTANDING the government’s prompt  intervention, there are people who see it as an opportunity to incite the people against the state  while covertly commending  the hoodlums for finally succeeding in penetrating the state.

  WHILE there are those who deem  it as a coincidence, some see a  politically motivated series of attacks with intention to create fear in the land because it is an election year in Anambra State. Some also see it as a  well planned and sponsored strategy  to tarnish the image of the state government and divert people’s attention from the government’s achievement as the governor  marked seven years in office, while others see it as a way of diverting attention in order to  free prisoners.

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  FROM whatever angle one views the development, the truth remains that the murderous activities of the gunmen are condemnable and unacceptable.

  IF ONE views it as  politically-motivated to rub mark on  the image of the state as the safest state in Nigeria in the past seven years, how would he explain the killing of warders while returning from court with an inmate  who was equally taken away by the attackers? Is it not a case of pure car tracking that resulted in jail break? Yes! With the rumble at Ekwulobia Prisons and escape of the inmates, it appears there was a  grand plan to divert attention and set free criminals.

  IF ONE reads that it was to free criminals, it is very regrettable and society must rise and collaborate with government to get the criminals back as one inmate freed is a danger to the entire society. Nobody is free because a dangerous criminal so freed is capable of eliminating everybody in a matter of hours.

  THOSE who think it’s just about Obiano’s government should have a rethink and note that Obiano’s administration is going and has proved beyond doubt  that it is very keen on security, touching lives and leaving  a legacy of good governance and landmark projects. The truth is that no mudslinging  against the current government of Anambra State can erase history.   It is all about our safety. We will  all  suffer if we make the state unsafe.

  JUST like the governor said, the situation should not be laced with politics as security is every man’s business.

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  WE THEREFORE join in calling on individuals, groups and stakeholders, no matter their political affiliations, to partner the government to tackle the ugly situation in every way possible. This is because if the security personnel finally leaves the roads and streets, hoodlums will take over the state and those who appear to be applauding them currently will equally become casualties when the hoodlums begin to use the weapons they are currently mopping up to unleash mayhem on the society.

 BY THEN, the security details attached to them would either be attacked or would not have the courage to fight back and protect them.

  WE CALL on law enforcement agents to be courageous and ensure full enforcement of Governor Obiano’s directives beginning  with the ban on use of covered plate numbers and tinted vehicles, including the checking of the menace of touts for  prevention of  attacks on security agents and critical infrastructure in the state.

  NATIONAL Light is confident that with the measures already put in place, the governor, along with the various security agencies will bring the situation under control and bring the perpetrators of the current odium  to book.

  THIS is time to rekindle the spirit of ‘Onye aghana nwanne ya’  and everyone should take security as the most important thing to  achieve and protect.

  ANAMBRA State, in the past seven years has been a haven of sort compared to other states in matters of security of lives and property, it must remain so.

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