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Anambra, pride of Igboland, trailblazer in development



NO IGBOMAN grown up, intelligent and observant would fail to notice the continuous development in many ramifications in Anambra State in the last twenty years. These fantastic developments have been impressive, persistent, consistent and highly commendable.

Internal road network connections within Anambra State are unprecedented, modern and magnificent houses everywhere. Modern and developing cities everywhere. Modern markets everywhere, street lights, water, hotels and most basic amenities, Anambra is a trailblazer in what Igboland would like to be.

Thank God several states in Igboland have joined this dream. And Igboland is destined to change for the better by these efforts of the governments and leaders of the South East Zone which focuses on citizens’ welfare and fundamental freedom.

Thank you, Your Excellency, the Governor of Anambra State for bringing us to see the construction of Anambra International Airport, another example of the continuing history of the development in Anambra State and Igboland in general.

In Anambra, what Igbos are made of is clearly and conspicuously demonstrated. Everywhere the people are busy working and pursuing successful enterprises, not complaining, no lamentations. This is because the Igbo faith and confidence is based on, what you deny the Igbo in the morning they can give to themselves in the evening through hardwork and perseverance.

Ndigbos are not a beggar nation, nor secessionist, we are builders not destroyers but we are particularly and proud to be and will always be a nation that loves justice, equity and fairness. If you deny us the Igbos justice, be ready to reap righteous indignation, diminishing authority, denial of legitimacy of Governance and loyalty. We are a confident people who do not hide their feelings easily no matter the consequences. Anambra people, Anambra Governor Willie Obiano and other Governors before you, Ohanaeze Ndigbo congratulate your efforts for keeping the flag of Igbo nation flying high.


We also congratulate Anambra Sons and daughters in different enterprises; oil and gas, auto industry, manufacturing, construction, aviation etc.

Once more thank you and congratulations, Your Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano, for efforts towards the continued development of Anambra State, Igboland and Nigeria in general.

Prof.  Obiozor is the President General

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide

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